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We got barefootdriver back on the road to success with this new look website!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

We love designing websites, whether it's for a new business start-up or part of a brand refresh. See how we got barefootdriver back on the road to success with a brand new website design including an online shop.

Existing client, author Mark Walker, asked us to help develop his brand. As he expands his business beyond book sales he wanted to find a way to encompass all the different elements of his increasing number of projects and manage them under one simple website.

Barefootdriver is Mark's Instagram handle and an established account so we took this name to develop an umbrella brand under which various, existing and new, projects he is working on could sit. His old www now points to barefootdriver and still encompasses the PatinaVW brand that he wanted to keep.

Barefootdriver is now a one-stop shop for Mark to:

  • sell the Patina VW book series (and merch) under the Patina VW brand

  • promote & sell his third book, Vintage Baja Bug Bible (due to be self published later this year)

  • host an online shop (e-commerce)

  • promote & sell subscriptions to a new magazine he plans to launch soon

  • list his other services such as commission selling cars and car valuations

  • host a blog and increase subscribers

  • promote his Youtube channel & Facebook group

"I am so happy with the new website dPR has created and how easy it is to host all of the different projects I work on in one place. Having one platform allows me to manage and promote everything under one roof and increase sales opportunities as I can now drive all traffic to one hub from my advertising and social media posts. In just a week my website traffic has more than doubled and sales are doing well. I'm excited to keep expanding and adding new products and content!" Mark, founder of barefootdriver

We took Mark's online presence from this basic site... this multifunctional platform!

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