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Seek Different - meet our newest client, the Northern Territory

Our newest client, the Northern Territory (NT), takes us on a new and exciting journey down under. Our partner agency, ETM, successfully retained Tourism NT in December 2020 and dPR were proud to be part of the tender last year, creating & presenting a full trade and consumer PR strategy for the UK & Ireland. We join the team as NT launch a new brand campaign, Seek Different.

Our creative PR ideas, including some exciting brand partnerships, helped secure the win and we look forward to delivering a range of campaigns over the next few years working with traditional press and content creators to keep this fascinating territory top of mind in travellers minds.

Home to one of the world's most iconic attractions, Uluru, and train journeys, The Ghan, the Northern Territory is rich in wide open spaces, exciting road trip itineraries, aboriginal art & culture, nature, quirky cities and breathtaking national parks with endless outdoor adventures to be had.

Find our more about the Northern Territory:


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